Profit, Passion, Purpose

Who We Are

“The best businesses are really the ones that combine profits, passion and a purpose.” – Tony Hsieh.

With the core values of “Profit, Passion, Purpose”, FHH builds new ventures,
products and services that aim to “redesign the future” of small businesses as well as consumer lifestyles.
On business level, we utilize machine learning and human expertise to assist businesses to
discover new opportunities and profits in the global economy. Our expertise is in cross-border commerce domain.
On consumer level, we strive to bring out innovative products and services, through B2B channels that
we work with, to make a difference on each people, each family, each local community.


We leverages the power of AI and emerging technologies to capture consumer behaviors and supply trends. Using our proprietary technology processes, we predict and set suitable pricing for optimal product development and penetration in new markets.


With our specialized knowledge and human expertise in cross-border niche, we focus on optimizing our venture operations and achieving economies of scales, so as to better manage costs, increase client bases, and ultimately increase sales and profit.


We have diverse experience and backgrounds that include AI technologies, consumer products, private label and trading, investment banking and private equity. With our proprietary analysis, we provide an well-balanced consulting and operational support to help our ventures scale and grow.

Our Services


Product and strategy: we incubate ideas into new ventures and provide strategies to make their products and services feasible to bring to market.

Seeding capital: we provide seeding capital and leverage our proprietary venture design processes to help our portfolio startups to create a minimum viable product.

Business development: we provide strategic advices and leverages our extensive network to support our portfolio startups to scale up and grow.

Growth Consulting & Capital Raising

We provide consulting services to help businesses to tackle issues in growth phase. Main issues are Capital Raising, Operational Strategies, Revenue Enhancement, Cashflow Management, Risk Management, and so on.

For selected ventures that have growth potential based on our in-house investment assessment, we will work with them on Capital Raising, utilizing our investor network and our proprietary methodology on how to deploy capital most efficiently.

Training & Mentoring

We provide our proprietary “Design Your Venture” training program to ignite entrepreneurs to start and innovate their business.

We also provide Coaching and Mentoring for Executives of startups, small and medium businesses, covering key areas in both Incubation phase and Growth phase. We especially focus on Capital Raising, Corporate Strategy, Digital Transformation, Organizational Change, and Talent Retention.

Our Portfolio